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Why us?

Our Strengths

Mikuni Kikai Kogyo is an engineering trading firm specializing in the sale of industrial machinery for factories and plants. We don't just offer individual machines; we serve as system organizers, proposing optimal equipment solutions and delivering customized equipment sets. Leveraging more than 70 years of experience and achievements, we offer comprehensive services that include process engineering, importation and sales of advanced overseas products, and closely tailored maintenance and after-sales support to meet our customers' needs.

Providing Optimal Solutions As a “System Organizer”


As a system organizer, Mikuni Kikai Kogyo offers tailored solutions distinct from traditional trading companies that solely maintain large product inventories or operate regionally. Our aim is to provide "customized" products and proposals that precisely align with the unique requirements of our customers. Instead of merely selling machines, we prioritize understanding how our customers can derive maximum value from their usage.

For example, if our client requires a compressor for gas compression at their facility, we consider not only the requested specifications such as the inlet and outlet pressure, flow rate and gas mixture but also factors such as our client's budget, delivery timeframe and installation site. Subsequently, we meticulously evaluate options from manufacturers worldwide to select the most suitable one and provide a quote for the compressor. To cater to our clients' specific needs, we draw upon our extensive understanding of products and technologies from over 200 domestic and international suppliers, cultivated over our 70-year history since our establishment in 1950. In addition to offering compressors as standalone products, we also supply complete units with ancillary equipment like motors, control panels, and heat exchangers, as well as comprehensive processes encompassing upstream and downstream equipment such as tanks, valves and operation controls.

This distinguishes Mikuni Kikai Kogyo as an independent entity, unaffiliated with any manufacturing or corporate group. Our strength lies in our ability to provide impartial and customized proposals, particularly in the fields of rotating machinery and hydraulics.

We boast a rich track record and extensive experience working with clients across diverse industries


Below is a list of industries we serve:

List of Customer Industries

  • Iron & Steel / Nonferrous Metals
  • Construction / Real Estate
  • Plant Engineering
  • Food
  • Fibers / Paper / Pulp
  • Chemicals
  • Petroleum / Oil Refining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Rubber / Plastics
  • Ceramics / Furnaces
  • Electrical Equipment / Instruments / Precision
  • Transportation Equipment / Construction Machinery
  • Trading Company
  • Industrial Gas
  • Electricity / City Gas
  • Environment / Renewable Energy
  • Government Agencies / Research Institutes / Others

Mikuni Kikai Kogyo's products span various industries, ranging from baby food to ships and aircraft, serving over 400 business partners annually. Our versatility across industries stems from our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet our customer needs. We take pride in the outcomes of our transparent and diligent approach.
While the specific products manufactured vary across industries, all factories rely on essential infrastructure such as electricity, gas, water and compressed air for uninterrupted operations. Disruptions to these vital resources can significantly impact factory productivity. Moreover, infrastructure supporting daily life activities, including waste incineration, water treatment, and power generation, are crucial for ensuring safe and stable living conditions. Mikuni Kikai Kogyo embraces its responsibility and takes pride in contributing to these essential activities. We are dedicated to supporting our customers in maintaining stable operations and enhancing productivity to ensure seamless business continuity.

Though we are fundamentally a trading company, our engineering expertise sets us apart.


Over 50% of Mikuni Kikai's employees come from an engineering background, and we have established an engineering business division within the company. Here, experienced mechanical and electrical engineers craft proposals for our bespoke process engineering solutions. Even when the client's objectives are not fully defined, we conduct feasibility studies by closely collaborating with them to understand their needs and develop facility plans. Subsequently, we design and procure equipment while adhering to specifications and regulations, delivering tailor-made solutions. In recent times, we have been prioritizing pilot plants related to decarbonization. As one of the few companies capable of producing mini-EPCs in the tens to hundreds of millions of yen range, we are engaged in small-scale projects across various sectors, including hydrogen, ammonia, geothermal, biomass, gas recovery and binary power generation. Our expertise is highly valued in the industry.

Importation and Sales of International Products


Built upon our 60 years of international trading expertise and global principles, where over 40% of our workforce is proficient in English, Mikuni Kikai Kogyo imports cutting-edge technology and products from various countries worldwide, with a particular focus on Europe and the United States. We actively integrate these imported machines into our domestic facilities in Japan.
Setting ourselves apart from typical import and trading companies, we take full responsibility for the products we offer under the Mikuni Kikai Kogyo brand. This includes meticulous management of delivery schedules and rigorous quality control conducted in-house. Our commitment to ensuring that customers experience the same level of usability with our machines as they do with our domestic products has earned us high praise. We provide comprehensive language support, guarantee compliance with domestic regulations, and offer in-house after-sales service to address any concerns.
As Japanese manufacturers retreat from niche machinery markets, imported equipment presents an increasingly attractive option. Particularly in fields like renewable energy, decarbonization, and digital transformation (DX), overseas manufacturers are delivering advanced, high-value, and high-quality products. To meet the growing demand for decarbonization solutions, we have recently introduced new products from Europe, including shock pulse soot blowers and electrolyzers, alongside our diaphragm compressors, which boast a proven track record spanning three decades.

Our Comprehensive Aftercare Service


Although our rotating machinery and hydraulics typically operate without issues, our company excels in handling unforeseen circumstances. Our maintenance department and skilled personnel are ready to address any problems that arise during test runs, post-operation, as well as for routine and emergency maintenance. Supporting customer operations is our top priority, which is why we maintain emergency backup equipment to ensure continuous support throughout the machine's lifespan.

In the event of an emergency, we respond promptly and effectively to address customer concerns. Our approach involves swiftly identifying the issue, assessing and documenting the situation, and leveraging our experience and expertise to resolve the problem expediently. Mikuni Kikai Kogyo takes pride in our commitment to collaborating with customers to deliver effective solutions.

Providing Leading Proposals in Fields of Energy Conservation and Decarbonization

As global warming continues to escalate, nations worldwide are increasingly prioritizing the reduction of fossil fuel dependency and the promotion of renewable energy sources. Aligned with this global trend, the Japanese government has committed to national decarbonization efforts, aiming to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (Source: October 2020, “2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration”).

In order to meet the ambitious target of achieving zero carbon emissions by 2050 and reducing carbon emissions by 46% by 2030, it is imperative to transition away from fossil fuels and embrace hydrogen as a renewable energy alternative, while also overhauling production processes significantly.

Mikuni Kikai Kogyo boasts extensive expertise in the field of decarbonization, spanning hydrogen, ammonia, synthetic fuels, as well as renewable energy sources like biomass and geothermal energy. Additionally, we specialize in binary power generation and energy conservation solutions. Leveraging this expertise, we are well-positioned to offer tailored proposals that meet our customers' unique needs.