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Privacy Policy

  1. Personal information provided by our customers through the Mikuni Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. (referred to as “our company” hereafter) input form on the website or via email will be subject to the following privacy policy.
  2. We are committed to protecting customer rights when acquiring, retaining, using, or disclosing any personal information.
  3. Please note that personal information will not be collected solely by browsing our website.
  4. Our company implements suitable and secure measures to safeguard against any unauthorized access, leakage, loss, or damage to customer personal information.
  5. Personal information will only be used for the following purposes:
    (1) Execution of the agreement between the customer and our company.
    (2) Providing updates on events and new product releases to customers.
  6. Our company adheres to strict privacy standards and will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your prior consent, except in the following circumstances:
    (1) When required by law.
    (2) When critical to protect human life, physical integrity, or property, and obtaining consent is not feasible.
    (3) When cooperation with governmental agencies or authorized entities is required by law, and obtaining consent may hinder the fulfillment of legal obligations.

Note on third party web links

Please note that we do not assume responsibility for the protection of your personal information on websites linked to ours.