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"Diaphragm Compressor" by Burton Corblin

No leaks, no contamination.
100% clean air and gas compression.


Product Description

This product supplies 100% clean compressed air and gas through their unique diaphragm structure that prevents foreign objects from entering the compressed air and gas. It is completely oil-free and does not generate wear debris from the piston.

We directly import the Baer compressors from Burton Corblin based in the Netherlands and design the end to end product to suit our customers' needs. It is assembled in Japan by combining auxiliary equipment such as inter/after coolers and instruments.

2 Key Features
of Diaphragm Compressor

  • POINT01

    No Contamination & Zero Leakage.

    No Contamination

    Triple diaphragm construction completely isolates the gas from the reciprocating and lubricated parts thus ensuring contamination free compression.

    Compression without leakage

    Leak-tightness to 1 x 10-6 standard cm3/s is assured by the use of static O-rings to seal the diaphragms to the head assembly.

    Head Integrity Detection System

    Reliable Head Integrity Detection System assures protection of the environment and process gas.

  • POINT02

    Attains high pressure levels due to its sealed structure,
    ensuring leakage-free operation

    Extraordinary compression ratio up to 15:1 in a single stage.
    Raising pressure from atmospheric pressure to 60MPa, requires only 3 compression stages.
    Further, a standout characteristic of the diaphragm compressor is its capacity to compress gas at exceptionally high pressures, reaching up to approximately 300MPa. This capability surpasses what can be achieved with reciprocating or screw methods, thanks to its sealed design that ensures zero leakage.

Implementation Results and Impacts

Most suitable for "hydrogen compression" - which requires cautious handling

Green hydrogen is generated through the electrolysis of water, utilizing electricity sourced from solar or geothermal energy. Given hydrogen's flammability, handling it requires utmost caution. However, employing a diaphragm compressor eliminates concerns regarding external leaks, enabling high-pressure compression. Moreover, diaphragm compressors excel in tasks such as filling cylinders and hydrogen stations.

Clean and zero leakage - allows for usage in marine vessels, semiconductor manufacturing, and more

Diaphragm compressors, which can provide pure compressed gas devoid of impurities, are also being used to generate onboard air for ships and refilling diving cylinders used in activities like scuba diving.

Diaphragm compressors are well-suited for semiconductor applications that demand pristine gas, ensuring a reliable source of high-purity gas. Additionally, in semiconductor manufacturing facilities, it is imperative that hazardous, explosive, toxic, rare, and other gases remain contained within the factory premises. Diaphragm compressors play a critical role in compressing and managing these gases safely.

Delivering units, customized to comply with the "High Pressure Gas Safety Act"

We exclusively source Baer compressors from Burton Corblin in the Netherlands. Our team designs and procures auxiliary equipment like inter/after coolers, valves, and piping, which are then assembled at our partner factories. Subsequently, rigorous testing is conducted in compliance with the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, followed by certification processes, before delivering the final product to our customers.