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Rotating Machinery Solutions

We cater to all rotating machinery requirements.


Business Description

Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers involves selecting individual equipment, including compressors, blowers, and pumps, from both domestic and international sources. As a system organizer, we conceptualize, manufacture, deliver, and maintain these solutions as a unified entity, complete with peripheral equipment.

Our products comply with various laws and regulations, including the High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Gas Business Act, and Electricity Business Act. Widely adopted both domestically and internationally, our solutions boast a proven track record in projects spanning local factories and plants.

To ensure our customers' peace of mind, maintenance services are provided by the manufacturer, partner companies, and our in-house maintenance department, applicable to overseas products.

Product Range

  • Compressors (Reciprocating, Wing, Diaphragm, Screw, Turbo, Scroll, Rotary, Vane, etc.)
  • Blowers and Fans (Roots, Screw, Vane, Centrifugal, Axial-flow Fans (Single-stage, Multi-stage), etc.)
  • Pumps (Vortex, Diaphragm, Magnetic, Screw, Vacuum, Submersible, etc.)
  • Dehumidifiers (Refrigeration type, Adsorption type (Heated, Unheated), etc.)
  • Auxiliary equipment for the above products

Core Strengths

Our strength lies in our "one-stop service." We strive to meet all of our customer needs from equipment and system proposals, through design, production, operation, and maintenance.

In addition to our expertise in rotating machinery, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle a wide range of equipment both domestically and internationally. We are confident that our ability to provide as a one-stop service - from pre-installation consultation to post-operation maintenance - is our key strength.