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SPG Shock Pulse Generator manufactured by EXPLOSION POWER

Operates on a "shock pulse" mechanism, effectively removing ash deposits from boiler wall and superheater tubes.


Product Description

The Shock Pulse Generator("SPG"), which is a soot blower with the newest technology introduces a groundbreaking approach to boiler cleaning, utilizing supersonic shock pulses for thorough removal of ash and clinker. Developed by EXPLOSION POWER in Switzerland, this innovative technology is exclusively distributed in Japan by Mikuni Kikai Kogyo.

For the boiler to function reliably, effective removal of ash adhering to its surfaces is critical. Traditional soot blowers often fall short in achieving thorough cleaning, leading to unscheduled shutdowns for maintenance alongside regular inspections. This often necessitates manual cleaning, resulting in significant time and effort investments and temporary halts in boiler operation, leading to steam loss. Consequently, many customers face challenges associated with power generation losses.

The SPG addresses these issues by leveraging a method where a combination of methane gas and compressed air ignites, generating a shock pulse. This shock pulse is then directed into the boiler, inducing subtle vibrations on the inner wall and superheater tube surface, effectively dislodging ash deposits.

3 Key Features of SPG

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    High Cleaning Effectiveness
    Reduces Manual Cleaning

    While steam-type soot blowers are prevalent, they may not effectively clean the rear surfaces of superheater tubes due to insufficient steam reach. Moreover, the prolonged intervals between steam injections in steam-type blowers can lead to stubborn ash buildup.

    On the other hand, "shock pulse type" soot blowers produce shock pulses through gas explosions. Consequently, these pulses effectively reach the rear surfaces of superheater tubes, ensuring thorough cleaning. Additionally, they offer the benefit of emitting shock pulses at short intervals, enabling timely removal of ash before it solidifies.

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    Preventing Deterioration of Superheater Tubes
    and Improving Boiler Durability


    For steam-type blowers, the risk of damaging the superheater tube (drain attack) due to blown steam is inevitable. Consequently, steam injection frequency must be limited, exacerbating ash adhesion issues.

    On the other hand, with the "shock pulse type," there's no risk of drain attack, minimizing wear on superheater tubes. This not only reduces maintenance needs but also extends the tube lifespan.

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    Achieving Stable Power Generation


    The shock pulse type ensures a consistent steam supply without fluctuations or losses due to steam injection. This guarantees stable power generation.

Results and Impact of Implementation

Customers who have adopted the Shock Pulse Generator "SPG" primarily operate boilers in various sectors, including waste incineration, metallurgy, and coal-fired power generation. More recently, it has gained traction in biomass power plants.


Use Cases

  • Incinerators (household waste, industrial refuse, etc.)
  • Biomass boilers
  • Coal-fired/heavy oil-fired boilers
  • Steel mills/Smelters
  • Paper mills