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Process Engineering


Product Description

Mikuni Kikai's process engineering is not limited to simply organize the customer’s process requirements based on its specifications.

We work with customers to clarify the significance, purpose, and goals of the project and help customers define the requirements that will make it possible.

As an engineering trading company, Mikuni Kikai handles a wide range of equipment from Japan and overseas. Taking advantage of this feature, we select the most suitable equipment for the project. We also collaborate with a number of partner companies in the manufacture and installation of equipment.

Our commitment extends to after-sales service. After delivery, Mikuni Kikai’s dedicated maintenance department and partner companies work together to provide advanced and skilled maintenance services and immediate response to problems.

In this way, Mikuni Kikai is consistent from the initial project phase to the maintenance phase of the project and is always close to customers from the viewpoint of life-cycle cost minimization.

Mikuni Kikai Kogyo’s 4 Key Engineering Features

  • POINT01

    We initiate the project by collaboratively defining the requirements, including clarifying objectives and goals, with the customer.

  • POINT02                    

    We leverage our expertise as an engineering trading company to source the most appropriate equipment both domestically and internationally.
    We collaborate with manufacturing partners to fabricate equipment that aligns with specifications, quality standards, and regulations.

  • POINT03                    

    Our specialized maintenance department and affiliated companies offer prompt and advanced support.

  • POINT04                    

    We strive to minimize life cycle costs through holistic engineering, spanning from requirements definition to maintenance.



Areas of Expertise Within the Engineering Business Division of Mikuni Kikai Kogyo

  • Gas retrieval and treatment: rare gases, hazardous gases, and greenhouse gases
  • Utilization of waste heat, thermal reforming, and energy-efficient systems: binary turbines, heat pumps, and cold energy utilization
  • Renewable energy solutions: small-scale geothermal and geothermal power generation, as well as biomass power generation
  • Provision of green energy: green hydrogen production and ammonia supply equipment
  • Microgrid development and energy management system construction