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Mikuni Kikai Kogyo Co., Ltd. is
a technology-oriented trading firm
offering comprehensive system solutions for industrial machinery.

Specializing in compressors, hydraulic equipment, and rotating machinery, we are dedicated to designing, recommending, and maintaining the best services, tailored precisely to meet our clients' unique needs, from the initial concept through to ongoing maintenance.

Why us?

Our Strengths


It is our mission to fulfill niche demands.

Mikuni Kikai Kogyo is an engineering trading company first. We not only sell individual machines, but also provide and recommend the most optimal equipment as a system organizer. We handle process engineering, offer cutting-edge overseas technology, and provide world class maintenance and after-sales services that are closely tailored to our customers. We provide a wide range of services based on our 70 years of experience and expertise.


Our Solutions

Providing solutions for your needs.


We provide industrial machinery systems tailored to unique requirements and performance criteria that cannot be readily addressed with standard or off-the-shelf products.

  • 圧力波式スートブログ

    Shock Pulse Generator

    Operates on a "shock pulse" mechanism, effectively removing ash deposits from boilers and piping interiors.

  • 水素製造装置(Enapter)

    AEM Electrolysers for Hydrogen Production

    Enapter's AEM Electrolysers for Hydrogen Production is an innovative device that delivers performance on par with or superior to PEM water electrolysis, all at a reduced cost.

  • プロセスエンジニアリング

    Process Engineering

    Mikuni Kikai's process engineering goes beyond the simple construction of processing procedures based solely on customer specifications.

  • ダイヤフラムコンプレッサ

    Diaphragm Compressor
    (Burton Corblin)

    100% clean air and gas compression.

  • 回転機械

    Rotating Machinery Solutions

    We cater to all rotating machinery requirements.

  • 海外製品輸入

    Importing Foreign Products

    Introducing overseas products into the domestic market while adhering to the same rigorous standards upheld for domestic products.

  • 油圧

    Hydraulic Equipment

    Rest assured, our proficiency extends to the domain of mechatronics, beginning with hydraulic machinery and units.

  • 日立営業所(北関東営業所)

    Kita Kanto Sales Office

    Offering customer solutions through localized engagement and multifaceted proposal strategies.


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