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Hydraulic Equipment

Rest assured, our proficiency extends to the domain of mechatronics, beginning with hydraulic machinery and units.


Business Description

We handle a wide range of hydraulic equipment, including hydraulic pumps, valves, and more, from domestic and international manufacturers. We provide proposals and construction services for hydraulic systems designed and manufactured by our company to meet the needs of our customers.

Product Offering

Hydraulic equipment and systems boast exceptional attributes, including heightened output, velocity, and precision, surpassing those of electric or pneumatic systems.

Leveraging these advantages, hydraulic technology is utilized in construction machinery, machine tools, molding machines, and more. Our range of products not only includes individual components that constitute hydraulic systems but also encompasses the design and development of hydraulic systems tailored to our customers' needs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to developing solutions such as automation and advanced functionality in equipment through the application of hydraulic systems.


  • Pumps, Valves, Cylinders, and Other Accessories
  • Design, Development, and Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems
  • Automation and Enhancement Solutions for Production Facilities
  • Water Treatment Equipment, Parts Cleaning Machine, Chiller/Heat Pump System

Core Strengths

We provide tailored solutions for individual cases that cannot be addressed by manufacturers off-the-shelf. Whether it's updating aging facilities or conducting maintenance tasks without specifications, we are committed to finding solutions.
We furthermore offer specialized customizations according to our customer requirements, such as replacing parts of overseas products with domestic (manufactured in Japan) alternatives.


Implementation Process

Implementation Process

  1. Contact us

    For first-time customers, please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail from below.
    TEL: +81-3-5624-7934
    FAX: +81-3-5624-6396
    Our sales representative will contact you. Please feel free to tell us about the products you are looking for, any problems you are having, or any other requests you may have, even if they are minor.

  2. Consultation and confirmation
    of your request

    Based on the information gathered during our consultation, we will create a proposal and provide a quotation.
    We will arrange a meeting to visit your site for a detailed survey, to discuss the product overview, verify specifications, and discuss the delivery schedule.

  3. Quotation

    Based on your inquiry, we will review the necessary quantity of products and your preferred delivery schedule to provide you with a quotation. It's important to note that the quote may be preliminary and preparing it could take some time. Should you need a quicker response, please do not hesitate to inform us. Additionally, if an on-site survey or modification work is needed, we will also present you with a proposal for these services.

  4. Confirmation of final specifications

    We determine the functions and performance based on the customer's requirements. For hydraulic units, etc., specifications are determined through system design and exchange of drawings.

  5. Order

    After the customer confirms the quotation, the order is placed. Once the delivery date is confirmed, we will make arrangements for the desired product. Some products may take longer than others, but we try to respond as quickly as possible so that we can deliver the product to the customer as soon as possible. We have a certain amount of stock for general parts and products.

  6. Delivery, Installation, and Adjustment

    We always inspect and test our products before delivering them to our customers so that they can be used with peace of mind. After the inspection is completed, we deliver the product to the customer's location in the manner specified by the customer. We also offer installation and trial operation if necessary.

  7. After delivery

    After delivery and operation, we continue to provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. In case of trouble, technicians from each machine manufacturer will respond quickly through our company.